Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wk4 Publishing Leadership Project

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The goal of this action research project was to integrate Web 2.0 tools to motivate and engage students in developing innovative products based on text. The literature review indicated that in order to engage my students I need to recognize and consider the multiple literacies that students are engaged in outside of the classroom and incorporate them into my classroom instruction. Cycle one allowed students to share a book they read to another class through videoconferencing. Cycle two allowed students to master the objective of figurative language by teaching others through a video lesson. At the end of each cycle students were give a reading motivation survey.  Results indicated a greater percentage of students were reading more frequently for fun.

I plan to submit my Publishing Leadership presentation to the Georgia Educational Technological Conference.  I believe the results I have found through my action research project would be of interest to the population of people attending this conference.

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