Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Beginnings

It's been two months since I've graduated from Full Sail.  I've had time to reflect on all that I've learned and have planned for the new school year.  School has been in session for a month now, and I'm so excited for what's ahead.  I have a fabulous class of 32 students who are all eager to learn.  This year I am planning on participating in many global projects.  My personal goal this year is to provide opportunities for my students to connect, collaborate and learn about the world around them.  Here are some of the opportunites we will be participating in:

1. Global Read Aloud
This project starts on the 19th.  Students will be reading Tuck Everlasting at the same time as humdreds of classes from all over the world.  We will connect with other classes through our class blog and twitter acounts, Edmodo and on the GRA wiki.

2. Edublogs Teacher & Student Challenge
We have been learning about internet safety and will be talking about quality commenting this week.  The challenge officially starts tomorrow!

3. Read Across Arizona & Read Across America
Through video conferencing we will connect with another classroom to share what we have been learning and reading in our class.

4. Challenge 20/20
Challenge 20/20 is an Internet-based program that pairs classes at any grade level (K-12) from schools in the U.S. with their counterpart classes in schools in other countries; together the teams (of two or three schools) tackle real global problems to find solutions that can be implemented at the local level and in their own communities.

How are you connecting your students globally?