Thursday, December 29, 2011

My 12 in 12 Journey (Plus One!)

This morning I was looking through tweets and came across Chris Brogen's tweet about Fitarella's 12 in 12 New Year's challenge; 12 commitments, 12 months in 2012.  The idea is to pick one new thing to do everyday for one month no matter what.  The next month you may continue the previous month's practice, but you must also introduce something new for the new month.  I think this idea is fabulous, so I am going to join Fitarella in her 12 in 12 quest.  Here is what I have decided for my year:

January - bike for 20 minutes.

February - eat only homemade meals.  This means no canned soups or microwavable meals; something that will be tough for me since I tend to eat alot of canned soups and microwavable meals for lunch at school.

March - 50 crunches every morning.

April - Computer and cell phone off at 7p.m.

May - Tony Horton's 10 minute trainer  My fiance got this for me to encourage me to work out with him. I always complained about time, but no more excuses!

June - A picture a day.

July - Yoga.

August - Daily Affirmation.  I'm sure there's an app I can download on my iPhone for this. Any suggestions?

September - 10 push ups every morning.

October - Call family every day.  Each day will be designated to a certain person in my family.  I usually call my mom or dad once a week anyway, but I want to make sure to keep in touch with my brothers and grandparents also weekly.

November - A month of thanks.  I will post or tweet each day about something I am thankful for.

December - bike for 30 minutes.

I have decided to also make one more commitment in addition to these 12.  I haven't been commited to keeping up my blog since I graduated for the EMDT program, so my plus one is to blog about my 12 in 12 every month.  12 in 12 here I come!
If you would like to also join in on the 12 in 12, be sure to also follow #12in12 on Twitter.

What is your New Year's resolution?

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